Macarooz of the Month Club

From: $28.00

$28.00 / dozen / month
$84.00 / dozen every 3 months
$168.00 / dozen every 6 months
$336.00 / dozen / year

In response to the regular demand for sample packs of our monthly flavors, we decided to make it easier for you guys to get them.

 Just add this membership to your cart and checkout.  It’s that simple.

Each and every month you will receive a dozen of the newest Macarooz flavors without ever having to place an order or login to your online account.

We also decided to sweeten the deal even more by lowering the price to 28 bucks.  Shipping is still free no matter where you are in the United States.  Enjoy!

(If you sign up during the last week of the month, your first box will be for the following month’s flavors. Example: If you sign up during the last week of March, you will receive April’s Flavors of the Month.)

Macarooz of the Month Club

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