Shelby, OK

Once again your product is amazing, I sent a dozen to a dear friend, and she loved them, and two of the flavors are the same ones me and my husband had at our wedding and everyone just loved them. My sister took me to a local place that had them where we live and I was completely let down. I expected so much more. That being said I was holding them to your standard, and it was no comparison. Love your product!

Juliet, PA

I just got my lemon zingers Macarooz and that I am IN LOVE with them!! I’ve never had fresh homemade macaroons before- only the ones from the grocery store freezer section- and these blew me away. Can’t wait to place another order and eat alllllllll of the macaroons!

Will, OR

I am becoming a Macarooz addict! They are so good! If you haven’t tried them before or don’t know what flavor to get, I highly recommend the Surprise Me option. 

Jennifer, OK

I was so excited for my second order of macarooz to arrive! This time I chose Honey Lavender and Chili Mango and they are both flavorful (true to description/as expected). The shells are made perfectly. The shells are just barely crisp on the outside, chewy and soft on the inside and with the perfect amount of filling it just doesn’t get better than this. Macrooz has mastered the art of Macaron making! Thank you so much for being awesome from purchase to bite!

Sheena, CA

Surprise Me option was really surprising! I loved all the flavors that they added! The dark chocolate truffle tasted so great that every bite is heavenly. I loved the packaging as well! Great customer service and the macarons are bomb!

Janet, TX

First, the packaging and handwritten note were absolutely great. I was really happy with how it arrived. It also came with a great little card that showed what each flavor looked like. I ordered the entire dozen as “Surprise Me!” and I almost got one of every single flavor! It was a great way to find out which ones I enjoyed (Horchata, cookies & cream, lychee rose & raspberry, and churro are my favorites so far but I’m not done with all of them yet). The texture was perfect. They are so incredibly delicate that I was shocked how well they held up in transit. I will certainly be ordering again and giving them as gifts!

Anel, PR

My macarons arrived to PR in two days in perfect conditions! My surprise box was so colorful and delicious, and they also wrote me a very pretty and personalized note :) I LOVE THEM! And I think my favorite was Strawberry Cheescake!

Delanie, TX

If you are new to them, get a surprise mix! It was incredible! Great flavors!

 Chi, NM

I love these macarons they are not very sweet. They tasted great and amazing ! My fav is the rose lychee :) the speed of shipping was outstanding! They arrived so fast and they look perfect! The package was so cute! The thank you card the business card they are so adorable! Everything was great! I love everything and great service! I def try again soon!:)

Fariba, TX

The only other time I’ve had Parisian Macarons they were made by world renown Chef Thomas Keller.Sorry Chef Keller, but Macarooz outdid you 😉The Macarooz team accommodated my dairy allergy and wrote me a sweet handwritten note with my order. They were prompt and delivery was quick! I am in love!!!! I’ve loved every flavor I’ve tried. All time favorite is Ferrero Rocher. You will LOVE these. Order them.

DeJa, OK

Wow wow wow. I am so thankful for shopping small and am so happy I found this brand that is personable and their macaroons are delectable. Thank you so much for the sweet card. Guys, it’s a handwritten (!!!) thank you note. As a girl from Oklahoma where thank you notes are a big deal this makes my heart smile. I got Caramel Apple, Ferro Rocher, and Pecan Pie macs and they are to die for!! Thanks @macarooz

Support this business guys. I can’t sing their praises enough. I am a firm believer in keeping it local and although this business is based out of Texas it is much better than buying from a Target, Walmart, or Whole Foods, when you shop small you help a family buy groceries or pay their mortgage not a CEO buy a new Ferrari.

 Denise, CT 

My Aunts loved the macarons!…I’m pretty sure they are just as addicted to your macarons as I am!

Kristina, TN 

I got the strawberry cheesecake and the fruity pebbles macarons. They are delicious! The strawberry cheesecake macarons are amazing and the fruity pebbles are simple but so fun and tasty! I will definitely be purchasing more!


OMG! I just got my shipment of Buko pandan (coconut flavor) and ube (taro) I’d have to say they are so yummy! I’m looking forward to ordering other flavors

Nayelys, PA 

By far the best service & Macarons ever! Down to the emails that kept me udpated about when they would arrive, to the lovely packaging, and of course the Macarons! Can’t wait to order again! <3

 Rumunique, HI 

So glad I chose this option because these 2 flavors I ordered was amazing!!! The ube taste was definitely there. My family loved it! My second flavor was Raspberry white chocolate and it was so good! Very very happy with these and looking forward to ordering more!

 Sheryl, AZ 

The BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ever! And not to mention that these macarons are amazing. I can’t wait to receive my 2nd (DEF NOT LAST) order!

 Sheryl, AZ 

My 1st order was Ube and Buko Pandan. I LOVE macarons and Im really picky on how they taste. As soon as I got them I ate half of the order. I instantly fell in love!! I jst placed my 2nd order and i cannot wait. ALso packaging was great!! Everything was perfect w/ no broken shells. Thanks team!!

 Annie, CA 

I ordered the Samoas and the Ferrero Rocher macarons and they were absolutely amazing. The samoas definitely reminded me of the girl scout cookies and I just couldn’t get enough of them. The ferrero rocher was so yummy in my tummy that I just couldn’t refrain myself from devouring them right then and there. I will definitely be coming back for more. Thanks Macarooz for making such a delicious treat!

 Kristina, TN 

My second order was just as great as my first! This time I got lychee raspberry rose and samoa! They were both delicious and the customer service can’t be beat!! Can’t wait for order #3 !!

Diane, OR

absolutely perfect! i cant even describe how delicious this macaron is! the little dark center is a burst of sweet cinnamon and brown sugar gooey goodness. that was my favorite part!

Sharon, TX

my smores and ferrero rocher macarons came in. they were so delicious, wanted to eat the whole box!

Reina, TX

he’s already eaten half the box ….and he’s drawing a star on the flavor list for the ones he want next. thanks so much!

Shelby, LA

in my mouth as we speak! sooo good! not overly sweet, awesome!

Sidney, TX

just got a dozen macs from macarooz. all the way from houston to austin. it only took 2 days and they arrived perfectly! they are so colorful, festive, and scrumptious. Thank you!

Kalyan, TX

i got the ferrero rocher and cookies n creme, they are so dang good. i’m in love. i just wanna stuff them all in my mouth

Dr. Pittari, TX

the macaroons were delicious. lizzie and i agree the best ever! better than the ones we had in paris!

Diem, TX

soooo colorful, super flavorful. thanks for sweeten up my  weekend!

Candice, TX

these are the BEST macaroons i have EVER eaten!! the flavors couldn’t be more spot on!! i LOVED the cinnamon roll ones and Brian said the peppermint bark was amazing.